Respect For The Blood.
Our New CGMF Audio Message for today is on, ” Respect For The Blood Of The Covenant “


Putting aside that state of misery. That is what our CGMF audio lesson is about today. ” A Good Confession “.

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Would Christianity Be In Jeopardy Without Mary Magdalene?

David Rose one of our bible teachers and contributors for CGMF. Challenges us with this question about Mary Magdalene this Easter Sunday.

David attended Moody Bible Institute and San Diego State, and is well versed in historical Christianity, Sacred Music, etc.. We are so glad for his contribution this Easter Season here at CGMF.

Here is link to the article at CGMF Website.


The CGMF Audio devotion for today is ” To Hunger And Thirst After Righteousness “

Bringing Sin To The Light

Today’s CGMF audio installment. ” Bringing Sin To The Light “. A very positive step in your consistent walk in Christ.


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CGMF’s website has been revised and a new theme produced. We hope it will be a bit easier to navigate, and pleasant to the eyes.

Fulfilling The Conditions.

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Finished editing and uploading the newest CGMF Prayerline Devotion.
It’s entitled, ” Fulfilling The Conditions “. We pray it will minister to you in a personal way.