Remembering Focus Bible College With Your Amazon PUrchases

Posted: October 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

Remembering Focus Bible College With Your Amazon Purchases.

Using Amazon Smile Charity To Benefit FBC.
October 18th, 2014

I wanted to encourage students and faculty members to let people know about Amazon Smile’s charity program. Focus Bible College is already designated as one of the non profits, so you can buy and give at the same time to the college with a portion of your Amazon purchase being donated by Amazon to FBC. The easiest way for a person to take advantage of this opportunity and bless the school. Is by going directly to the Amazon Smile page. Then make your appropriate purchases and you will be prompted concerning what non profit you’d like to designate monies toward. Mention Focus Bible College, and proceeds will be given in some form to the school. This is an easy and wonderful way to assist the school, and help us in continuing to function and grow.

With the expenses of our recent move to Florida and our expansion forthcoming. It is quite a blessing to have the support of all of you in this endeavor. This will help us to continue to extend scholarships like we have in the past year, as well as other services. Without which many of our students could not have attended FBC or been a part of study programs without such assistance. Help us in continuing the work equipping young students, ministers and friends as they study with us at FBC.

Keep us in your prayers and thoughts. We have some wonderful new programs that will be coming your way this next year, its exciting days ahead for FBC Florida. We now have our Florida certification and are also accredited by ACI. Our school endeavors to be a strong Christian college devoted to excellence in Christian Education. No matter what denomination you come from we hope that this Spirit-Filled institution can help you in your service in the kingdom. 

Here is the direct link to shop through Amazon for your convenience

Dr. Patrick Vossen
Vice President, FBC


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