Mandriva 2010 One Top Notch Version For Wireless Or Multimedia Use.

Posted: December 3, 2009 in Uncategorized

Thursday, 03 December 2009

Linux Mint and Ubuntu are excellent offerings with Ultimate
Ubuntu fully loaded. They are Debian based. Red Hat based
or Rpm use is hands down Mandriva 2010 One. Now Free
version is excellent, but you have to be patient with pulling
together all the proper codecs and multimedia plugins with
the web browser.

Mandriva One is the only version of many I have tried that
works almost immediately without any difficulty with
Wireless Cards on Laptops. Multimedia is excellent, but
I do configure and recommend Mplayer mozilla plugin
to handle all Real files or Windows media. Its simple and
after installation from the repository has all the files
working perfectly. Except for adding the Mplayer mozilla
plugin and installation of VLC as my dvd or video
player. It all has worked quite easily. I also added
the free mp3 support from Codeina, but I don’t believe it
would have been necessary.

Here is my Easy Mandriva One Install recommendation.

1. Install Mandriva One from DVD.
2. If need wireless go to the Configure your Computer
icon on the bottom of the desktop. Then choose the
Network & Internet, and choose Setup Network
interface and choose wifi. Follow instructions and
it has worked on every occasion for me on customers
3. Install VLC Media player for dvd playing and or
AVI files, ect.. ( Dragon Player is not very flexible ).
( Access through the Install & Remove Feature )
4. Install Mplayer plugin by going to the Install &
Remove Feature and in search type mplayer
and look for mplyayerplugin. If it is not there
go to the update media feature in the menu
in the feature and choose all. The mplayerplugin
should be available then. Install it.
After this all multimedia from Flash, to a Real files
and Windows Media files will be working.
5. Then finally update the system by going back to
the Configure Your Computer and choose the
Software tab and install the Update Your
System Icon and follow instructions.

After these things are done most all basic
necessary wireless, multimedia and system
items will be done. Then it is just your
preferential programs you choose.

Most consistently Mandriva One is consistent.
Even if the Install Software sometimes has to
be restarted after installation of programs.
It hardly ever becomes corrupted and needs
to be re-configured. Synaptic after a broken
install in Debian programs cannot say the same.
Many times I will have to fix after a bad
system upgrade or missing file.


Patrick Vossen

PS. If you choose to purchase the Powerpack version of
Mandriva 2010 that would also do almost the same as
I’ve mentioned, or its equivalent. I personally do hope
to purchase it for personal or company use as well
in the future.

  1. KenP says:

    Downloading Mandriva One for me has been a pain. Every mirror shows the file size as several Gigs (which is correct) but when I download, I get a total file size of about 300Mb.
    I have tried wget, aria2c, curl as well as downloading via the browser itself. Always the same result.

    How do I reliably download Mandriva One DVD?

  2. pdvossen says:

    Wget I would think could be reliable.
    However, if your always getting only 300mb
    it almost sounds like a setting is limiting
    you downloading capacity. I’d double
    check to be sure no other downloads are
    being limited for one. Two, my question
    would be what operating system you are
    using currently? Then I’ll be able to best
    help you with what might be a better
    program to use, that might not have that
    problem. I don’t believe Mandriva is having
    problems with all its mirrors, so we will approach it
    from that direction, or I’ll try to find a way to
    make a disk for you and send it to you.
    Even though I could try to post the download
    on my server and see if you have any
    limitations at all. That would be the last
    option I would think.


  3. xee says:

    It’s ben a pain for me to setup the wireless and the audio sound for video…still can’t get it to work. I love the designs of mandriva over Min-8, however Mint-8 has all the configurations for wireless, sound and other stuffs. How am I going to get help, I’m a newby to Linux.

    • pdvossen says:

      Wireless shouldn’t be too difficult as there
      is a wireless wizard setup within the settings
      control panel. I will double check the procedure
      and try to get back to you on it. I’ve installed
      wireless setups on a few machines quite simply.
      Linux Mint now has fixed its previous flaw with
      it in its new Helena version, and has adapted
      well to wireless through its Helena and Karmic
      Koala version ( Karmic Koala being Ubuntu’s
      latest reliable distro. Linux Mint is Ubuntu
      based ).

      Sorry I haven’t returned your comment, it
      has been quick hectic in the real world.

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